(Black Swan 14115) Mary Straine, “Ain’t Got Nothing Blues”
This was one of six sides recorded by the African American singer Mary Straine. It appeared in 1922. Straine had performed in vaudeville with Bert Williams.
Lemuel Fowler, “Ain’t Got Nothing Blues,” performed by Mary Straine (phonograph record; Black Swan 14115; 1922).

Lyrics: “Ain’t Got Nothing Blues”

Please papa papa let me have a word with you
Please excuse me let me have a word with you
But what I’m [seeing? feeling?], sweet daddy, I’ll [try to believe] you too

I’ve got the blues here since my lovin’ daddy went away
I’ve got the blues here since my daddy went away
I ain’t got nothing; he ran away to stay–to stay!

Want some lovin’, [??], lots of huggin’, all the time
I want some lovin’ that can satisfy my mind
I try to find somebody, someone that’s good and fine

I ain’t got nothin’, ain’t had nothin’, don’t want nothin’ but you, baby
I’m getting tired of wearing [waiting?], I can’t sleep at night
Now if you love me, baby, I’ll always treat you right

Oh my [heart?] has left me, yes, he’s gone away
All I ever had is far away
Ain’t got nothin’, every night and day
Now if you love me, baby, promise me you’ll stay

If you love me, baby, — loving you
If you love me [I’ll start?] loving you
And [no nightmare] cut our love in two
And I’ll woo and coo you, like all sweet lovers do

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